samedi 21 décembre 2013

Apptha Hd Flv Player
Apptha’s HD FLV Player is a Joomla extension. This extension can help users integrate different kinds of streaming videos to the Joomla sites with absolute ease. The player supports streaming video formats like M4V, MOV, Mp4V, F4V. Also it can be extends support to Lighttpd, RTMP, Live Telecast, Amazon S3, etc. It just takes a few minutes to install this extension on Joomla websites and in another few minutes you’ll be able to integrate videos to it. Sounds great, right? Why to wait? Transform the look and feel of your Joomla site with this impressive player via compelling videos and start attracting customers to your site in no time.
 Top Joomla Media Player general features are include:
  • Can add YouTube videos
  • Can work as component and module
  • Can monetize with pre-, post-roll ads, in addition to adsense
  • RTL support
  • HTML5 enabled to play videos and relish on mobile devices
  • Can set auto-play list
  • Can set native language
  • Can set video buffering
  • Can sort videos
  • Can add video descriptions
  • Can rebrand with your own logo after claiming copyright authority
  • Can share videos via social sites
  • Can avail button tool tip with native languages
  • Can enable/disable player view, download, related videos, HD, zoom, etc.

Apptha HD FLV Player – Add Videos to Joomla Websites in No Time!  

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