samedi 21 décembre 2013

SB Bomber v1.0.2.59

SB Bomber v1.0.2.59
Latest version of Social Bookmarking Bomber v1.0.2.59. This software will help you submit your site to tons of social bookmarking sites (pligg) and can help create back links in this way. Also handy because it can create email addresses on the fly, and you can use spintax in your bookmark url, title, and description. I’m sure you guys know what this does from earlier versions. This is updated version
1. run setup / update
2. copy contents of crack folder to install directory C:\users\username\appdata\Local\Apps\2.0\LLTNXHM8.MYL\656QO8Q8.GDL\sbbo..tion_5be2bff57bc2cd19_0001.0000_c8126e2aa48bba51\ some folder similar to this
3. run program (if program doesn’t show updated version, simply run from start up menu and it will read updated
demo :
--- okNOTE : SB Bomber v1.0.2.59 WAS TESTED and meets quality criteria!
okNOTE : Are you satisfied or not with SB Bomber v1.0.2.59 leave a comment

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