samedi 21 décembre 2013

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Themeforest – EKHO v1.1.2 Unique Joomla Template
EKHO is a unique, awesome, creative, fullscreen template for Joomla 2.5.X & 3.X . It will really rock your world!!
For this template i have worked quite some time, i tried to cover most of anybody’s needs so i feel like i included many options, but in case you need something extra please leave me a feedback and your requirements and i hope i will include in a future update.
I tried adding a fresh, modern look, with some nice transitions which i hope you like them and feel the fit there. I also want to mention there are lots of premium stuff in here :)
I used modern technologies for this template and some of them are not available on older browsers. If you’re into old browsers and care to look exactly, i really recommend you to have a look first and see if it;s ok with you. Please don’t ask too much support for older browsers, we really must keep on going with the new technologies. For older browsers (IE of course), i added the Chrome Frame which is really cool!
http://themeforest.n et/item/ekho-unique-joomla-template/2544064

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