vendredi 18 avril 2014

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CodeCanyon – Automated Job Search Engine Script v6.1
Automated Job Search Engine Script is a job niche or job search engine script which is designed search jobs across various job boards like indeed simplyhired built on Jobzeek Api and It does nt require any maintainence and it is fully Auto Operated. You just have to install and forget for usability. Do Some SEO and Promotion and Let the Money comes to you.
Features of Automated Job Search Engine Script
Fully Search Engine optimised
Results with Pagination
Realtime search engine with added filter options to search latest jobs across the world.
Search jobs from more than 50 and above countries in any language and for any niche of jobs keyoword.
Showcase more than 1000 above results for each keywords and usage of pagination.
Added database driven gives us ability to manage the things with ease without going morely into coding level.

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